Revenge of the cubes!

I’ve completed my first non-tutorialized learning project :smiley: Wohoo!

With this, I wanted to get a solid feel for working in Blender. I learned in-depth about several areas as well as issues. The final render went though the compositor and that was a rather positive experience.

On a serious note, I experienced that scenes can become “dirty”. I believe it was related to Rigid Body dynamics

I also noticed memory related oddities, where Blender doesn’t always clean up after itself. In general Blender seems to be more sloppy with memory usage vs. other 3d programs, doing the exact same thing.

Learning about shortcomings, bugs, strong points, weak points etc. is part of the process and very important to know about, before you find yourself in the middle of a very bad situation, in front of a client. I burned out about 5 years ago and am planning to do 3D for a living again. Blender has so far shown great potential although it doesn’t feel like a production ready 3D program yet. I’m very curious about which direction it will be taken.

Rendered with Cycles. 50 samples + denoiser in post. also DoF, mist and grading in post. Production grade quality would demand at least 256 samples and on my outdated computer alone, that would take about a month to render. Shit :rofl: