[Revenue Share] [EU] Team looking for low poly modeler for game

Hey there,

were a team of 4 people and currently we are looking for a 3D modeler for the creation of Low Poly models. Were developing a tower defense style game which offers a couple of different game modes (Tower Defense, Tower Wars, Legion TD style) for up to 8 players (online & lan) in coop as well as Team vs Team. We`re planning to release the game on Steam next year.

To complete our team we`re looking for a low poly 3D modeler for the following tasks:

  • Creation of low poly units (monsters, animals, humans)
  • Creation of low poly buildings (towers)
  • Creation of low poly nature assets (flowers, trees, rocks …)
  • Texturing (or using colored materials)

If you`re also capable of creating game menus or UI elements that would be a bonus :), but if not thats fine.

Because we all still have our normal jobs and doing this as a hobby we do not expect you to be a professional. As long as you know how to use blender and create low poly models it will be fine. Since some of the team members spend a lot of their free time for this project it would be great if you would at least have a couple of hours per week to work on the 3D models.

Revenue will be shared fairly with the team as soon as the game is released on Steam.

Currently some of the games basic functions are working already and its playable in a very basic version.

If you`re interested in becoming our 5th team member, please contact us: [email protected].

Ps. To avoid problems with the time zone we prefer people from the EU.