[REVENUE SHARE]OrangeCore - Animators needed for debut game "PAZE"


    My team OrangeCore is currently looking for one skilled animator;       for first and third person weapon animations. We are building our debut game and flagship title, "PAZE" ,a         Racing/FPS Combat hybrid built using the UDK, focusing on fast arcade         gameplay, beautiful environments, and spectacular rides and guns.
     Find us on IndieDB: http://indiedb.com/games/paze,         apart from that, we have presentation threads at Gametrailers,         Gamedev.net, UDK.com, and Unrealed.info. Our websites and social network sites are currently being built.
    Almost all of our content is made using Blender, so an Animator using Blender would be great to have. :)
    About payment: We are using the "revenue share" method, every         team member gets the same amount out of what we earn.

    <i>So, why would you be wanting to create animations for PAZE?</i>
    - It's relatively easy. As the lower part of the gunner is         hiding inside the car, only the upper body is left to be         animated.
    - Include a new engine in your repertoire. UnrealEngine 3 is         one, if not the most often used games engine, and UDK is         UnrealEngine 3, without source code.
    - Spice up your portfolio; we have rebuilt UDK's lighting         pipeline, most of the standard effects have been massively         improved in rendering speed, or have been completely repaced by         different methods. Thus, your animations will look even more         awesome than they do now ;)
  • Add some realtime pictures to your portfolio! Sure, a portfolio consisting of beautiful renders is excellent, but a few realtime videos or screenshots add a lot on top.

If you are interested in joining us, don’t hesitate and send a small EMail containing a link to your portfolio, or a PDF attachment containing a few example works to [email protected] !
And for all of you guys who didn’t follow the link, this is a screenshot of our “Forest” Environment’s foliage system, completely rendered in realtime:


your foliage system look very good what is the frame rate.

Our Tech Artist was able to run this on 2009 hardware with about 35 FPS.

//edit: He used a resolution of 1920x1080 px.

nice fairly efficient. Do you have any animators yet

Nope, that’s why we’re looking for one :wink:

idk you may not get one because i dont think very man know how to use the udk here

The good thing about UDK is that, if you’re not a level designer or a programmer, you pretty much just have to export your models/anims/textures, and that’s it :slight_smile:

I’d love to help out, but I’m going to school in 6 days and I wont be able to work on blender there. :frowning:

However, next summer I’d be available! :smiley: If you’re willing to wait that long

yup same reason i haven volunteered

although i would be able to work on blender there i do it all the time in class even though i am not supposed to. LOL

Just wanted to inform you guys, an Animator has been found.

A small correction is needed; as my Tech Artist informs me, this forest scene wasn’t running on 2009 hardware, but on 2006 hardware.