Have you ever stood inside a canyon, or perhaps beside one and yelled something out? Then you get to hear your own voice coming back. The time delay seems to be related to the distances involved. I believe that these are called echos. What is really freaky and strange is when you hear something else and not in your own voice. I have not figured out how this works yet. I guess that it is only a matter of time until I do. I keep wondering just who is my friend on the other side? And just what the heck are we talking about anyway? Oh well, here goes another shout…

Hey long time no controversy . . I mean no see. What you been up to recently ?

This person sings with herself in some of the tunnels from the old coastal defence batteries in the San Fran area:

I took my harmonica there once, it was way cool.

I must have been dreaming this morning. This thread had some far out stuff in it this morning.

What happened?

I probably triple posted. I had no idea what the purpose of this thread was, I guessed you were supposed to re-post the original with some differences.

That’s an understatement. lmao. If I remember correctly, (or I was dreaming) the post was about the subtle yet invigorating pleasure of the aromatic bathroom stall.
So what happened to the post? Why or how was it deleted ?

And your use of commass’s was prefect!

I don’t know why all three were deleted if it was the third one Mr. Plant didn’t like, but maybe it’s just because I triple posted. But then, there was a guy who quadruple posted in “ask the user below you” and he received no disciplinary measures, so I assumed it’s not punishable in off-topic.

i got my share of deleted posts, as have other off-topic posters…

welcome to the real blenderartists…

If your going to post stupidly inappropriate stuff then of course its going to get deleted.

Welcome to reality

It wasn’t that inappropriate. Just a detailed description of a digestive experience.

I posted three times in a row on the “ask a question user” game that I am quite aware of . . . maybe a fourth time as well. Despite many of the horrible things I have done (like tweaking a well known over here dragon’s tail, and baiting the occasional controversy figure) I have received no warning . . . yet. But a few here have been long been banned or received some disciplinary action, hence it would be wise to keep under the radar.