reverse build for animated ribbon ?

hello everyone,
I’d like to make an animated ribbon. I made a path, and I was thinking to move the ribbon along the path. But I can’t.
I’ve tried to achieve it with the build effect, which is great for the beginning, but when it’s done, the ribbon stay here. So is it possible to make a reverse build effect ?

Thank you.

Add a Time IPO that goes from (about) 2 on frame 1 to 0 on the last frame.


thank you, I’ve never tried Time IPO before and it’s great.

But I wasn’t very clear, excuse me. I want the ribbon to move along the path (or to strech precisely), and disappear, so it’s not really a reverse effect.

To use IPO’s to stretch it use an Armature. Or, without IPO’s use RVK’s or RVK’s on a Curve with “CurveStretch” on in F9.


This is my scene :
So I want that the red ribbon move along the path and disappear, out of the scene. So I assume I can’t use Armatures nor RVK.

A method that you could use is ‘Curve Deform’.

Here’s a (highly compressed ~149 kB divx animation):

and the blend file (~101 kB):

Also, you can find a description of its use by Matt Ebb in his presentation on Curves at the 2005 Blender conference at:

Damn Gimble, why didn’t I think of that!

I was trying softbodies (Actually simulating a cloth piece of ribbon) but it was really flappy!

Curve deform! - Back to the manual for another sleepless night!

YES ! That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you so much, Gimble, i’ll put candle on my christmas tree in your name.

Unfortunately, the videos at don’t work for me, the links are broken apparently.