Reverse build modifier by lucidlook

I’d love to see this patch -

form part of the official build.

It’s not just a python file so it can’t just be added as an addon.

I’m sure many users would find it useful.

Best wishes


You can do this with some fiddling around without the reverse button. Don’t agree that it’ll give a typewriter effect though, as it’s per vertex rather than per letter, meaning that you get half formed letters during the animation. Have tried this out personally and resorted to splitting the text into individual characters and animating them one by one.

Do wish that Blender had better features for text animation though…

you can sort the faces in any direction… or you can randomize it
you can select faces and sort them etc…

you must know blender…

What do you mean by select faces and sort them?

try the face sort options, there is a “selected” option

I think a “diffuse” sort option needed