Reverse feet, xsi style rigs, and more

I’m curious what an XSI style rig is? Is this one that uses boxes to select joints? I have seen this term used before and I wasn’t sure what it meant. Also I’m not sure how to make a reverse foot in blender. My goal is to create a simple to use foot roll for a part of a walk cycle. Also i am curius if Toloban’s tutorial on forearm twisting is still applicable after the animation recode?

Bassam Kurdali described a reversed-bone foot rig at the Blender Conference last year. Search here for Gimble’s Stride Tutorial, which has a step by step walkthrough on how to create the foot rig.

Do you have a link to the conference video? I’m not sure where to look.

The 2005 conference videos are here:

and Gimble’s stride/foot rig tutorial:

Thanks for that! However what do you do if you have more than 1 toe. this rig is for a shoe or one toe character. My character has 4 toes. And when you walk you land on the little toe and push off with the big toe. It would be cool to get a rig to do this automatically. I dunno if blender can do expressions ore set driven keys.

Blender has IPO drivers, which have similar functionality to driven keys. However, I think what you are proposing would be difficult to setup.

Consider having a bone for each toe, each parented to a master toe control bone which pivots at the ball of the foot. Then you can continue on with the reverse foot setup as usual.