Reverse fluid and yafray export

I have two questions.

  1. What is best way to do reverse animation. I made fluid effect animation and want to 250-th frame be first one? Try with TIME IPO, but get no result.
  2. As I can remember in previous relases of Blender, export of textures work well if you call Yafray from Blender. In latest build it does not work. So can you please tell me: what option(s) I need to use to get right raytraced scene with Yafray? Scene is basic: light, object and textures.
    Texture is not visible in YAFRAY images.

Not sure about the reverse fluid anim, but if the texture is an image UV mapping should do the trick.

Ask in the support forums about rendering the fluid animation. I believe you could play the image sequence in reverse with the Video Sequence Editor.

Yeah, just use a video editor and play it backwards. Any(or most, anyway) decent video editors should do that.

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About the yafray issue, enable XML button or use older releases of Blender. (2.45 for instance)

Or you can use the new Yaf(a)ray 0.1.0, it runs fine with current releases of Blender:

For fluids animation I recommend using direct lighting with caustic photon maps, in YafRay 009 use photon lamps.

In Yaf(a)Ray 010 enable caustics in direct lighting settings; you can get caustic photons (apart from direct lighting) from every light type and even from HDRI backgrounds.

In both cases use a high raydepth value

you can even do it in blender. load up video clip into sequencer, and flip time.


If you just need the sequence backwards somewhere, rendering and using the vse is the easiest way I think.

But if you need to add and animate some extra objects within the same reversed fluid scene, then renaming the baked files is the only option, unless you animate the object’s reversed.

How to do this?

select the strip, and from the sequencer button view, you find the flip-buttons.



yafray only takes .tga or .jpeg I think !

I reversed fluid sims by renaming the fluid “frames” !
It’s tricky but it works !
You can also have a look fluidsim ipo’s !

In 2.48rc1, there is a ‘reverse fluid frames’ option. Maybe that’s the way to go . . .

EDIT: I guess this isn’t the way to go, since I just noticed that you’ve already baked & rendered the simulation . . . :o

Thank you , working like charm!!!:slight_smile: