'Reverse Frames' is reversing the source input and not the strip

Hi. [Sorry, i posted about this too at ‘video-sequence-editor-news-add-ons’, now as a new topic…]
There’s a very basic function that is not working well in Bender: ‘Reverse Frames’ is reversing the source input and not the strip https://developer.blender.org/T82933 , similar to https://developer.blender.org/T75178 .
A FIX was proposed https://developer.blender.org/D12337 but was rejected for questionable reasons [the fix had some issues, but it was preferable than the present situation. I have seen there other fixes rejected because they are not ‘perfect’, prefering to leave the bugs unsolved indefinitely…[i think it’s better to create new less bad bugs and fix the big one…]]

Without the ability to reverse just a section/‘strip’ of a clip, i think i won’t install, so if someone may try this posible way, please tell if it works:
make just a section [‘strip’] of a clip into a ‘meta’ [i think it’s called that], then reverse this meta, and see if it gets reversed as expected, and not a reversing of a different part of the parent clip.
Or, is there another way [other than having to render the section and reverse that…]?

Hi. A very simple trick is make a Meta Strip with your strip and then reverse the frames.