Reverse mapping?

Hello everybody. I have a small question for you all.

Lets say that I have a low poly model, that has all its details already baked in its bump, normal and displacement maps that are available to me. I would like to apply these details to my model object (not its render) and export the model out of Blender. Obviously I would have to start subdividing the model quite a bit to get the polygon count up, so it would hold the details, that much is certain. But is there a way to apply and maybe adjust the map intensity for the high poly model ?

Thank you for reading

This all sounds doable - you could convert the normal map to a hieght map
And then use a multiresolution modifier, followed by a displace modifier which uses the hieght map. You can then apply the displace, and the data will be baked into the multiresolution. You may still want to use the normal map, or you may not.