Reverse parent???

I parented a box to a model that is a low poly game model. Tried it out and when I turned in any way with the model the box turned the opposite way but kept the facing of the model. Why? How can I solve that?

Not too sure the exact cause. But I recommend trying to apply the transforms of the object (Ctrl+A and go down the menu trying different ones). My guess is your game model has been scaled to a minus figure at some point, or maybe it’s just got rotated around?

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: If not, try posting your blend file here and we’ll be able to help better

Yeah now it rotates the right way but now the model gets kicked back :confused: Any idea on this?

Got the problem. The projectile collides somehow with the model :confused:

Well if you applied the scale, that can mess with the bullet physics. Check in your physics properties panel for the model, look at the radius value and the Collision Bounds type, if it isn’t set to it already, try setting the bounds to “Convex Hull” and see if that works any better :slight_smile:

The bullet physics engine can be finicky at best, even the slightest bit too close, and it’ll fling the object away.

Both the projectile and the model are Convex Hull and it works but after speeding up the model the projectile gets in the way :confused:

Not entirely sure I follow?? If you upload your .blend file here and put the link in the post, then we’ll both be on the same page :slight_smile:

Managed to solve that issue by adding a great distance between the projectile spawner point and the model but I believe it’s too big to be there.

Ah cool :smiley: Haha I may have just spent five minutes flying the ship around XD
Well I reckon you could fix it by using collision groups, but you’d need to duplicate everything you wanted the bullet/laser to collide with and make sure there’s a copy of each object on Collision layers 1 and 2. And then the Ship and projectile object on different Collision Layers with their respective Collision Layers as their only enabled layer in the collision mask. Make sure you make each of the duplicates invisible in the Physics properties aswell.

I know this method seems a little tedious, but it’s been a while since I’ve used Logic Bricks. Is there not a way to suspend the collisions of objects for a certain period of time after spawning them using a delay brick or something??

Disabling Rigid Body makes the object static or it becomes a mesh with no collision?

:S Sorry I’m really not too sure, don’t want to tell you the wrong thing. Try posting a new thread in the Game Engine help forum, pretty sure there’s many more people there with better knowledge in this than me :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile: