Reverse render

Is there a way to render frames backwards instead the regular way?
I don’t want to reverse the time, just render backwards -
for example I have 2 computers. I don’t want to guess on which frame to start the second computer and waste render time, so I render from the first frame and the last one.
Is it possible via a script or something?

No need to render from both sides towards the middle.

Render menu > Output:
Just check ‘Placeholders’ and uncheck ‘Overwrite’. Then save the blend.file and render the animation from how many machines you’ve got (single pics like PNG, JPG, EXR, etc. of course, not an avi or mov.).
This way your machines render successive frames of the animation, one by one.

Brilliant! Thanks!

Alternatively, if you have multiple computers, you might check out the “Network Render” add on… I haven’t used it myself (yet, since I don’t have multiple computers to try this), but I think it would automatically “assign” each computer to render certain frames as it comes available.