reverse "smoothe"

is there a way to turn it off… like on a model that was “smooth” was on is it posible to invert it?? like i know there is a “set smooth” and “set hard” but just plain out no “hard”

any 1 kno?

I’m not quite sure i understand you…Could you please use proper english so we can understand you easier?
Use short sentences when possible…

Try “Set Solid” button next to “Set Smooth”. It operates on selection. If you are in Object Mode, it does the operation on whole object.

there is no way to reverse the “smooth” effect om blender

i made a stupid mistake of saving something with “smooth” on and now i cant undo it

You have to make sure that the faces that you Set Smooth are also selected when you try to Set Solid. Set Smooth should be prefectly reversible by this method.

i can give u the blend file, nothing i do works

it messed up my whole file, which is the car i was working on and now i cant reverse it

some one try if they wish

so can any 1 help me with this?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean by smoothing - the set smooth button or the sub-surf modifier ? If it’s the set smooth button the set solid button next to it will undo that - by the way you’ve hidden a part of you model ALT+H and reval all of your mesh before pushing set solid - I think that’s your problem - I guess you must have set smooth on the whole mesh and the started to work on just the rear by hiding the rest of your mesh - because I don’t see any evidence of sub-surfing on your model … But if it is the sub-surf modifier then no you can’t reverse that unless you had made a backup :frowning:

hope this helps

aww crap… see what saving your work a bit to often does to u… gues i need to do a bit more vert pushing to get it back in the way i want it to see

EDIT - Ok I re-looked at your .blend . You mean the “smooth” in the Mesh Tools panel . Sorry(again) you can’t undo that . what that does is to flatten your selected vertices by averaging their angles relative to each other . You can’t undo after you save and close your file . I personally have never used that before with all the various “smoothing” tools …

How much detail did you loose ? I can’t tell where you made a mistake on you model (btw I think this looks good - keep it up) . You still have all your geometry - just go back and redo by hand as before and don’t forget to backup - F2 and NUMBPAD + and ENTER will give you numbered (car1.blend,car2.blend etc -you probly know this already) good luck !