Reverse subdivide

Is there an opposite to a subdivide? I make a model with small spheres and duplicated them in a line, and all the scaled verticies are eating up preview and render time. I know subdivide multiplies verts but is there a tool to divide, lessen, delete verticies without cutting/making holes in the model?



Try edge loop deletion: select an edge loop with Alt-RMB, then X->Edge Loop.

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I get this was posted over a decade ago, BUT: in blender 2.8, there is an actual option to “un-subdivide” your mesh. When you go into edit mode, look under the edge menu, and it should be the sixth option from the top. NOTE: i’m still in the beta version, so there could be a change.

I have to say more often than not with production meshes it doesn’t work (left being original, middle is blenders unsibdived mesh, right is zbrush unsibdivide)-

hi! you also need to use modifiers>decimate , it simplifies the mesh with a ratio /100 control, very easy … optimization