Reverse textures


(rickyricardo) #1

Hi i was just wondering if you guys know if there is a way to setup a model with seams for uvs and then to rip a previous applied texture from that model in the layout i designate.


(zanzio) #2

It sounds like you want to bake the texture from the old model to a copy that has a new UV. If you haven’t baked cycles materials before, the process is similar to this:

This tutorial is for baking the normals from a highpoly object to a low poly one, but the workflow is similar to what you need to do when baking the texture from an object to a copy that has a different UVmap. Instead of setting it to normals leave it on combined, delete the floor (if you have one) as well as any lights, and change the environment light to pure white with a strength of one. You should get a texture that just has the colors of the original.

You can also change the materials in the original to all be emissive and set the baking to emission, if you don’t want to remove any lights.

(CYNIC78) #3

Create new UV and bake old UV to new one.