Reverse Vertex Order Possible?

Hey all,

What I’m trying to do is model something simple, export it to a DXF, load it in a program I’m working on and render it real-time with OpenGL. When I do export to DXF I get no options about vertex order and the vertices in the file are ordered in the opposite direction, so the renderer shows the wrong faces at the wrong times.

Is there anyway to specify the vertex order within blender? Are there any tools available for reversing DXF’s? Either way would be great!


in edit mode you can select all the faces then press W, and select flip normals.
It will only reverse the vertex order per face, I have no idea how to do it to an entire model.

Thanks! Now Blender looks exactly how it did in our program. Heheh. Should definitely fix our issue.


If that fixed it, it’s not actually vert order that’s the problem but the normals themselves. Most realtime renderers don’t show backfaces most of the time (though you can turn it on as a GL option) so you see through the mesh into the other side. Or, if you have the camrea inside of it, you can see the ‘walls’ of the space in any direction and you can’t see out into the void through them.

Remember that when you want to make a level or setting or whatever. :slight_smile:

ETA: The whole point of the Z buffer is so you don’t HAVE to order your verts or tris.