Reversed camera view

Hi. I’m new to Blender and hope someone can help me with this. I have a model of a building, and when I look at it in camera view or render it, it appears flipped from right to left. You can see this in the attached image, which is a screen shot from quad view. On the left you can see an ortho view of the house with the cursor located at the camera. The -Z of the camera is pointing towards the building. Note in this view, the taller part of the house is on the right. In the camera view, you can see the taller part appears on the left. Any help gratefully accepted!


look on the top left corner of your images, here you can find the solution to your question.

in the first one the camera 0 is selected ( bottom left corner ) but the view is from user prospective ( top left corner )
in the second one the camera 0 is selected ( bottom left corner ) and the view is from the camera 0 ( top left corner )

to switch between the default camera and the user view use the Numpad 0
if you have more than just one cameras on the scene to make the one that you select the default one press CTRL+Numpad 0

you can manually adjust your camera using the X Y Z axis or you can use the camera view and press SHIFT+F and use the arrows on the keyboard and the mouse wheel.