Reversing animations (walk cycles)

How can I reverse the order of the key frames so my walk cycles will be reversed? Or do I have to do it all manually?

I’m assuming you’ve used armatures to do the character animation.

If you hit SHIFT-F12 in Publisher (2.25) it will bring up the character actions window. In Creator (2.23), you have to select the window type manually- you have to select the stick figure looking icon from the list in the lower left corner of the active window.

Normally in Blender you can select all and hit S-KEY -> S-KEY to flip something, but that doesn’t work in the character animation window. I haven’t dealt with character animation a whole lot, so I’m not sure if there is a way to do this as of now. So you may have to select each column of action blocks and move them manually.

Well…I just manually did it…looks fine…thanks anyways