Reversing Curvefollow for Beziercircle

I have a lousy memory (pothead anyone ? :expressionless: ) but i think i’ve read somewhere that it is possible to reverse the way a e.g. Empty follow a curve. Am i wrong here?

While im asking questions; how do i make the animation circular? i.e. infinitive.


to make the animation infinite you would need to create either a speed or time ipo. I’m not sure which one works, but they both might. You could also invert the ipo, which might reverse the animation.

If you have an open bezier path, you need to enter editmode on the path, hit w, then choose reverse direction. On a circle it’s a little trickier. Once you have your object set as the child of the bezier circle, open the ipo window with the circle selected. Choose the animation keys (the squiggle arrow) so that the Speed key shows in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Cntl-Left-Click twice in the ipo window to make two keys. Enter edit mode. Select the first key, hit n, and set your values (x will be your start from. y should be 0). Select the other key and hit n again. This time set x to be your end frame and y to 1. This 0 - 1 range in the y value represents the location along the path that your object is at. So, to reverse it, set the first key’s y value to 1 and the last key’s to 0.

After you have this running right, hit the w-looking button in the ipo window to cycle your animation.

damn(!) that was fast! hehee thx for the help, it works. Maybe now i can finally make a decent walkcycle :smiley: