REVERSION - a new 11-minute Blender animated short film (coming soon!)

Hello everyone!

After what has seemed like a significant amount of time used studying the craft, experimenting, and formulating solutions to various problems, we believe now is the time for us to begin sharing with the community at-large the imminent arrival of “REVERSION” - a new 11-minute animated film created entirely with Blender.

You can learn more about “REVERSION” at our official movie blog . This is not necessarily to promote the film (it is not yet finished). But, it is only at this time, when we feel we have learned enough to be able to talk to others about the experience, that we decided now was the time to reach out to the community.

For all purposes, “REVERSION” is a student film through and through. We did it primarily because we did not know how.

In particular, I am aware that many members of this forum are not only curious about Blender’s production capability, but I also see frequently there are people who ask how they can make an animated film. This is our way of helping to share what we learned, and maybe to also serve as the medium for us sharing the challenges and the solutions. Because no matter how well one plans, there are challenges. And not just technical ones, but human ones as well, such as when an artist you were relying on suddenly suffers a debilitating wrist injury…

The blog will be updated in the coming days with more material. So this is an open invitation to our peers here on this forum to go there, check it out, and join us as we take the covers off of this new Blender adventure in the coming days.

I must also add that some of the team members who are part of “REVERSION” (including the Sound and Audio Team) are also members on this forum.

That’s it for now.


Awesome! Good luck! Look forward to the progress.

Thank you. Viewers are what makes the world of the movies go round. :slight_smile: