[Review] Back alley artwork

Hello guys,

I would need a bit of help for my first render ever.
I’ve decided to force myself through the whole process of modeling, compositing, and rendering artwork in Blender but I’m a bit stuck on the composition part.
I was trying to play with the difference between a photorealistic environment (back alley) and a completely surreal asset (pink bike) to encourage the viewer to ask himself if this is a photo or a render.

This is what I have done so far and I would greatly appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:
Graffiti Wall is the result of photogrammetry I did earlier this year.
Background assets are coming from Megascan library
The pink bike is modeled by me.

Thank you!


First of all: This is already very good. And it’s hard to suggest any enhancements towards photo realism. Shadows are good and depth of field matches also. Maybe it would be good to blur the objects on the left a bit more. They are also not as realistic texturing wise.

The main problem might be that in real life an object like this shiny and glossy bike does not exist. It’s the real challenge to make this look real. Perhaps adding some wear and tear to the bike could help.