Review my portfolio?

Hello! I’ve created a portfolio, and was wondering if someone here could review it for me and help me improve it :). Harsh feedback is fine, I’ve never done anything like this before.

I’m an amateur 3D game artist, and in all honesty wasn’t planning on making a portfolio, but it’s a necessity for the Unity Asset Store, so here I am. I’ve been working with 3D software for 2 years now as a hobby, and am looking to see how viable it is as a career path. Obviously I would like to make a good first impression.

Thanks if you can help!


I just scanned it, it looks pretty good though!


The works themselves look good, but I think you could provide more context. I would try writing a little more about each work, ask someone to proof read your portfolio (“All… were created by me.”). If you’ve done short films… I’d try and link to them on YouTube or to videos on your site.
If you are trying to show off low poly modelling, i highly suggest you optimize your models so its actually low poly, i can see many faces that can be deleted from that wireframe render

Nice one…It looks good