Review of Armor Paint. It's a trick!

According to the screen shots, webpage and manual you can import your 3d models from blender and paint them with color.

The only objects you can use are built in cubes and cylinders. There is no color, it’s only white. And white is the only color you get.

layers work!

This review is for versions 0.5 and 0.6-dev.

For the last 5 years Armor paint has been in development. The only thing the team has built was the UI. Each year a new release comes out, with the only difference having the UI rearranged.

It looks like from the actual program, that the screen shots are fake. I think this program is FAKE.

These are all your own issues, ArmorPaint works without any problems here.

I was able to get the program to import the model. I was able to make it paint colors. And the layers are working.

I cannot find out how to make it display the normal map. It’s the weekend, time to rest from it.