Review of fantastic tree editor

For Max, but look what you can do, trunk sculpting, pruning, setting the age and the season, and you can even set four different resolutions from two crossing billboards to full modeling and many tree types.

If you’re the creator of that one Gen3 script then i’d advise you look at this.

Also treegenerator (free/shareware/standalone) Exports .dfx, also on the site Free .dfx Tree Models. Site also has comparison list of Older Tree gen style software. Not max but good.
This looks interesting too
Povtree 1.5 written in java.
For more professional, free worldbuilder pro, grow and seed trees.
Some at sourceforge too. Googled tree generator and found many more with compatability to Blender.
Maybe you could reverse engineer the max plugin for us.:smiley:
Rewriting the code from c++ to python should keep you busy.:stuck_out_tongue:

The only problem is, I don’t know C++ or Python. You’ll have to get someone else to do it.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the link to the tree generator, I’ll check it out.