Review Please-CGMasters' Character Creation Vol. 1-Modeling

I know i have posted something similar to this, but that was a specific question and the outcome was a basic overview of the topics covered by this DVD tutorial.

For this thread I ask anyone who has used this tutorial (Character Creation Vol. 1-Modeling) to please review it and give me a short conclusion about it and possibly even rating it. Besides that, if it is possible, a short review of the second DVD will also help, though the quality of the first probably reflects the quality of the second. Also, if anyone knows a high quality, but not too expensive tutorial about character modeling, please don’t hesitate to comment.
I hope someone can help and thanks already!

Ray Green

Hi Ray,

I did a review of both the volume 1 and 2


They are both excellent dvd’s, so far the best tutorials on this topic for Blender

Hope the reviews help.

Nice, thank you for the help.