Reviewing Blender for studio use

Upon screening “Elephant’s Dream” and looking at Blender on a cursory basis, I have been pondering the thought of considering Blender for use on some of our lower budget productions as a test bed. Does anyone have experience with Blender for use as a vfx and animation tool for use in creating a Photo Realistic Monster as well as some additional human character extras?

Also, we would need to create a staff in Atlanta Georgia with Blender experience. Option would be to work remotely, with hesitation. Work is to be delivered in HD progressive format and there will be about 130 shots.

It will probably be worthwhile to post some information about your company.

additional human character extras
If you want some crowd simulation scripts, take a look at BlenderPeople

As for VFX… you may be interested in a film called “Friday or another Day” that used Blender for VFX… check out more here: … and there’s their website:

Hope this helps!