Revised mesh tension add-on

Hey @shteeve I’ve used the addon in the past, awesome btw but I got a bug or something now I cant seem to get the tension map working on this simple face rig I`ve made, I cant share here because I’m a new user. Basically the whole mesh appears white then after a refresh the vertex mask option it turns black as you would expect then when I try to use it the whole mesh remains black. Do you know what’s going on?


The new modded version for some reason fixes the issue outright! sweet! here`s the link:

Hi there Shteeve thank you for creating such a nice addon.
I have a problem, I can´t click on the button Tension Maps.
It says and I qoute “Enable´Render > Lock Interface ´to use”
What does that mean and how can I get it to function?
Thank you and take care.

its in the top menu (file edit render window help), lock interface is in that render menu. I put that requirement in place because otherwise the interface and the renderer can both be running the tension code at the same time, and it tends to lead to crashes when rendering.

if any intrepid developers know of a way to remove that restriction I’d be happy to!


Thank you so much. For answering that fast
Take care
Oh man really thank you

hello! i’ve been testing this, it seems to be great! one small thing though, i’ve been trying to test it on render farms but i can’t seem to get it animated. it freezes the state of the vertex colors as how it is in the “Current Frame” when i saved the blend file and submitted it. so i tried to do something about it. i tried to bake it, but still, the animation is freezed.

i tried to bake it, but still, the animation is freezed.

i fixed it! just for the baking issue though. it was just an issue in the image sequence settings, i just had to turn on cyclic or auto-refresh (tbh i don’t remember which one fixed the issue). but the render farm thing is still an issue so you might wanna take a look into that. you’ll probably be able to reproduce the issue by rendering the scene through the command line.

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interesting note, the code is sampling the depsgraph in a neutral and posed state to calculate the tension… I wonder if the animated depsgraph is somehow different in how it updates on headless machines.