Revising jpeg

I would like to open jpeg pics of machines and make changes and 3D rotation to the photos. Is there a way to open a jpeg and use that as a basis for new pictures? If Blender will not facillitate this, is anyone familiar with other products that may allow this?

a jpg is only 2 D drawing !
so you might be able to deform it using some image editor like Gimp or other soft.
but jpg being 2D it is not 3D object

so if you want it in 3D then you need to draw it in 3D in blender then you can rotate or scale in Blender

happy bl

Thank you! I will look to Gimp…

David, it is unclear exactly what you’re expecting from Blender (or any other software AFAIK). You can open jpegs in Blender to use as templates/background images as reference to model 3D objects.

BUT if you’re expecting that Blender opens your jpeg images and magically converts them to objects in 3D space…well, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. If I’m not mistaken, you’re going to be sorely disappointed in general because AFAIK no such program exists as of yet.

That said, you can feed a series of jpegs to a photogrammetry application such as Meshlab or COLMAP then import into Blender. But it’s not point-and-click and voila. Just sayin’.