Revision 46383 by Brecht Van Lommel

Revision 46383 by Brecht Van Lommel (/trunk/blender)
9 hours 31 min ago
GHOST/Cocoa: detect tablet event to disable continuous grab. Don’t have tablet
to test it though, can someone with Mac + tablet confirm if continuous grab
gets automatically disabled when using the tablet?

Hi all,

If someone can must be said to Brecht Van Lommel that Windows 7 x64 is same ! I can not use my small Wacom tablet pen & touch cause this continuous to grab . I do not understand why ? I tried several driver Wacom with several Blender 2.61, 2.62 and 2.63 but the problem is same.

Someone has same problem ?
thank to all

Couple things…

This commit doesn’t have anything to do with any earlier versions because it was done after the 2.63 release.

The support sub-forums are a more appropriate place to seek help trying to get your tablet working.

Ok , i am sorry , i will try sub forums for my problem
thank you