Hi, this is my latest artwork.
Recently I was lucky enough to travel through Europe after going to the Blender Conference, and among the various museums I was able to visit I found myself at the Museo di Roma, where I was fascinated by the artworks of an Italian artist, Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866). His work really resonated on me, so I decided to make a piece based/inspired/copied/stolen from his work, with my own conceptual spin on top of it.

Made with Blender, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Abobe Fuse, Quixel, & rendered in Cycles.



Ao & Viewport


Upper left: Ippolito Caffi, Atene: interno del Partenone (1843)

Hope you like it, comments & critics are welcome

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That’s good!
You got the feel of it and put your own thing in there.
Nice job!

Fantastic work and a very target-oriented workflow.

Very cool it is pretty well as picture you made it ! That makes dream :slight_smile:

only thing missing is the sg1-team. well done.

Well worked. I also like the process story gif idea.


Thank you all!

Awesome work as always and lighting on point, this deserve to be in the forum gallery!

just stunning! I love the twist with the planet in the background.

That’s so inspiring! Well done, really well done!

Thanks guys!

wow this is amazing,

that’s a great image, very good work! :slight_smile: I like the paint feeling you achieved!

Add a Stargate somewhere and you have entered into Stargate franchise :slight_smile:

DId you manually paint over parts of the sky or are those clouds masked ones?

Really nice work. What’s the idea behind that huge moon?

Looks wonderful, feels like a painting. Did you soften everything somewhat are used low DOF settings with F-stop?

Thank you so for the process of your image - it even includes a tutorial too. I always wondered how to add a big planet to my render. Your image has sent me off on a google expedition.

Thank you! I didn’t use Blender’s camera DoF, neither general softening, but I did use the depth pass afterwards to add a tiny bit of DoF in post.

Glad to hear that! Thanks