Revisiting some old project with the raytracer


I’ve felt like doing some character modelling lately, and I started revisiting some old projects.

That was my entry for the Living Mechanics contest.

In retrospective, I’m really not happy with the modelling (the proportions mostly) and the general lack of details. The rigging could be done a lot better too, thanks to new constraints and some technique I developped in other projects.

I’ll probably end up starting back from scratch, with sketches this time and thingies like that.

PS: I do know that the claws aren’t touching the ground. Everytime I rendered and tweaked the settings, I get saying to myself that I needed to fix it, and… well… I didn’t :expressionless:

Nice one theeth.

Thing is… at first glance it’s magnificent, but like you point out there’s a few small things you start to notice when taking a closer look.

This is really something I’d love to see animated. Nicely creepy. Maybe we should all do 1 or 2 of these re renders to see how much everything’s improved since the old projects were finished.

I remember this one! I finally can use my model from that challenge- partially due to me optimizing the vert count and partially due to new blender.
I like the new sheen this model has. Things that stick out to me when I see it: It seems topheavy, in a weird legless-man kinda way. Legs need to be bigger and beefier, lower body correspondingly so. the end of the leg where the tube/sping kinda thing is doesn’t ‘work’ for me- it’s mechanically unconvincing.
Upper body also looks very rigid in this pose- give it/rig it some curl.
I’d like to see where you take it- I too am going to revist my entry- For one thing, I’m planning on remodelling some parts of it.

The model rocks man! I love the coils near the end of the legs.
The raytrace render is fantastic! Did you use the Blender raytracer or Yafray?