revisiting the classics: citroen traction avant (updated render with interiors)

too many supercars around led to the modelling of this superbly crafted classic (i am talking about the actual car, not my model/render :D)…citroen traction was a groundbraking car with exquisite design, aesthetics and french engineering…

tell me wht do u think of the work? how would u rate it? c&c are welcome…


after getting back to the lighting dox at blender wiki, i hope it now looks better…and now it also has an interior…thnx cipix for the crits, i would prolly never hav done the interiors otherwise :smiley:

Very nice car… Wasn’t that the first with hydraulic suspension. And it got front wheel drive and much more.

Wow!!! Thats incredable!
How long did it take for you to model it and put all the textures. Did you do it from a blueprints?
Maybe make the shading a liitttlle bit softer.
5* from me

thnx vova…i started it the evening before yesterday…there’s not much texturing except for the uv map for the headlamp and the other two lamps…rest details are all modelled. i used the steering, dashboard and the seats from one of my previous models (porsche 550). i plan to do a scene around the car, i am currently working on it…hope to finish it soon…and i yes, i used blueprints from and ref images from wikipedia …

The lighting sucks on this one. You have a lot of blown highlights and black shadows. The contrast is way too high and is hurting the eye. Also the greenish color doesn’t look that good.

It’s a shame that you ruined such a good model with that ugly lighting and render setup.

And BTW, if you don’t plan to model the interior at least make the windows opaque.

The render doensn’t do justice to the 3d model.
Try indigo render and then gimp to add the old look

thnk u cipix with the feedback…the lighting is just a sun and an area lamp both shining from the same direction, with AO (blender internal). It may not be the perfect setup but i kinda like such hi contrast lighting, sorry if it hurt ur eyes, maybe i would try the conventional 3 point next time around :slight_smile:

and the interiors ARE there, so no need to make the windows opaque i guess…

i know the specular highlights are a bit jagged, any remedies for that? i even tried higher OSA settings but to no avail :frowning:

I never have seen a car interior made of black shiny metal. Sorry, it doesn’t look real for me.

The aliased pixels are a sign of too strong lighting. The only way too get rid of them as far as I know is to render a higher resolution image and scale it down (or make a reasonable lighting setup).

If you read a bit about photography (and I suggest you kindly to do so) you will see that blown out highlights and black shadows are never good. In the final what you are trying to achieve is to make renders that look good to your clients.

As for the lighting setup … just research a bit the studio lighting of the cars.

Great modeling!


Amazing render ! Bravo :slight_smile: may be a little more OSA ?

okay…i think NOW its done…and thnx cipix once again…tell me wht u think…

Looking nice. But it looks more like miniature to me… or then there is just something slightly wrong with it. Nonethe less… nice to see something else than supercars.