Revit 2012 to Blender 2.60. need help.

I want to export .rvt file, so I could render my model in Blender. My method is:

  1. export to .fbx directly from Revit (2012).
  2. open fbx file with 3dsMax and export it as .obj file (using export to blender preset). I also tried to use free autodesk fbx converter to convert .fbx to .obj
  3. Open blender, and import .obj

The result is: a model without textures.
So the questions are:
Is it possible to export rvt model into Blender with all the textures, detailing, cameras, etc.? If yes, than what am I doing wrong?

I am just learning to work with Blender, so please don’t judge me if my question seems silly for You. I just need some help.