Revit 2012 to Blender 2.60. why no textures?

I want to export .rvt file, so I could render my model in Blender. My method is:

  1. export to .fbx directly from Revit (2012).
  2. open fbx file with 3dsMax and export it as .obj file (using export to blender preset). I also tried to use free autodesk fbx converter to convert .fbx to .obj
  3. Open blender, and import .obj

The result is: a model without textures.
So the questions are:
Is it possible to export rvt model into Blender with all the textures, detailing, cameras, etc.? If yes, than what am I doing wrong?

I am just learning to work with Blender, so please don’t judge me if my question seems silly for You. I just need some help.

It depends I am not sure if you can or not. UVtextures in blender are mapped to the object you create the seams and so it may be that that part is not converting over. What ever program you are using I suggest asking about the problem on there forum or a forum dedicated to it. Or type in Google “Revit”“export to blender” Here everyone or just about everyone uses blender but it may be few if any who have used that program. Yet if you ask there I have found there usually is a few people who have used blender sometimes quite a few. Still by asking both places you have the best chance for an answer but probably best to ask once in each place and just bump it if it gets buried.

Does the imported model show UVs?
Does the objects material have a texture assigned but the link to the texture is incorrect ?
Is the texture link correct in the .mtl file which you have as well as the obj correct ?
Are the textures in the same folder as the exported obj ?
Attach an example blend showing this issue.

hope this snapshot answers all the questions, so this is what I see, after importing .obj into blender:

so is it something wrong with .obj file, or I’m missing something in Blender?