Revit to Blender

Hi All,

Quite new here, just been using blender for 2 days but seems very intuitive. The only 2 issues I have been finding relate to importing Revit geometry whether IFC or FBX. They come in correct but the vertices are all messed up meaning I cannot subdivide them correctly. Second I do not know how to split faces, as Revit exports walls rather than faces I cannot for example apply a material on the exterior that is different from the interior.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks

Welcom to BA. About your first problem I don’t think there’s a solution. Even between 3ds max and revit the vertices aren’t ideal for subdivision. What kind of geometry do you want to subdivide? You can try limited dissolve or the decimate modifier (set to planar) to clean the geometry. Probably won’t be enough though.
As for your second problem - you don’t need to split faces to assign different materials in blender. You just need to have those materials on the object and then in edit mode assign materials to those faces where the other material should be.

Hi cdog,

Thanks for your reply. I figured the second part due to ur answer. Hopefully will try to figure the first one as I mainly draw and model in Revit.


For fbx export i recommend using Twinmotion plugin (or lumion for collada .dae export). It has better fbx export features like joining geometry by matrial, embedding textures and detail size control.