[Revival] Bolt -> Fastener Factory + realtime update any time + ISO support

Okay from now on the folder name no longer is important. I’ve used . for relative inclusion of necessary references. Long live dynamic code. Thanks comrades for your help.

=> Should work now without removing the “-master” suffix!

Thanks for the folder name issue fix.
It is working well now.


  • Order presets properly (e.g. M8 before M10!).
  • Support standards ISO 888, References ISO 225.

Huge bugfix:

Turns out the thread lengths have been wrong by approximately 2mm since the beginning (see issue #5).

Now fixed.
Finally correct length fasteners! Hurray. : -) Happy blending.

The exception is the cap|cylindrical head, see #6.

If you use another scale then the default one for example Metric 0.01 before i enable the addon , i think that this is not working , but maybe i use it the wrong way

if i do the same with boltfactory for example then i don’t have this problem

Thanks. Can you elaborate in more detail what is not working?

Is it
A) The scale of the bolt being off by X (factor)? or
B) An error occurs?
C) Some weird vertex positions?
D) The camera clip being too low?

If it is A, i.e. that the bolts are created using 1 M == 1 mm then this is due to good practice. It is because scaling afterwards is always possible while some modifiers, many addons do not take != .

Actually BoltFactory is the addon version that does it not correct in many ways:

  • Measure the Bolt dimensions by counting the grid in orthographic perspective, e.g. height and compare to the setting. It is not matching.
  • Change the scale length in the Scene settings. BoltFactory bolts are no longer created correctly.

These issues are all fixed in FastenerFactory (I use it on a daily basis and there is a reason why I put so much time, energy into fixing the BoltFactory bugs and improving usability by allowing realtime updates).

I use scale length of 1 by default but even if I change it to .01 then it still works and e.g. the M6 bolt has exactly 25 m shank+thread length as it should.
Just that the camera view is clipping the object visibility.

Edit: Btw. I wanted to maintain the BoltFactory addon that comes with blender at first. It’s just that there was no will to merge my low quality work. This is normal. Everyone does not trust the other.

I’ve just installed this. When I try to add a bolt I get absolutely no controls. All I have is a “Operator Presets” box which appears to do nothing. I end up with a bolt which has some very off threads on it that I cannot adjust. Is there something that I need to do differently that install the zip as per a normal blender add-on?

@Benny G: Be happy, I added a scale factor to allow redefining how many blender units related to 1mm. And made .001 the default. So now we at worlddevelopment change this setting back to 1 while you can enjoy the 1 mm := .001 bu = 1mm setting.

@steveps3: Did you check the object panel? It allows realtime update at any time. So the settings have been moved from the Tool shelf last operator control to the Properties -> Object panel at the very bottom. Because these are available steadily. :slight_smile:

Edit: About the threads being off, which blender version are you using. I am currently bound to use blender 2.74 and my laptop is waiting for my replacement part to arrive. Could you provide a screenshot if the thread issue persists?

Thanks for the extra option ( scale factor ) works fine:eyebrowlift: , only with the preset counter sink the normals need some fine tuning , see picture

Ahh, yes, there they are, thanks. I’ll take another look.

Thank you for reporting @Benny G & all others. (sorry I have missed the normal issue, now appeared as https://github.com/faerietree/add_mesh_fastener/issues/8 will fix it ASAP)


  • The weird thread and size when adding a fastener is fixed in the newest revision. Thanks to @steveps3 and @AlexandraE for reporting.

Please anyone comment on this commit in testing (only 5 lines changed)?
It is about rescaling the fastener scale but it also may be an unnecessary complication (extra code). I’d love to hear the opinion of others.

Thank you for this add-on. I will test it this weekend and report back.

Thanks for testing!

Update: Normals should be consistent now.

Thanks for the new update :eyebrowlift2:

For you my friends, always.
Say do you think the scale factor should be 1.0 by default? (while keeping the default size of the bolts 1 m := 1 bu) VanessaE thinks it should be and I have a commit ready if another one seconds it.

Worlddevelopment then uses 1 m := <scale_factor> bu = 1000 bu

Previously worlddevelopers used scale factor of 1. And you used .001. After the commit it is simply multiplied by 1000 such that worlddevs use 1000 and you (most people I guess) use 1.0.
The purpose is to lessen confusion. Can someone second that?