revolusoft, cheap web hosting!

Hi guys,

I’m usually not too keen on making publicity for companies and stuff, but my friends (and no they’re not a bunch of 14-15years old doing something wicked over the internet. They are 19years old computer science students) started their company a couple of months ago. They are offering web hosting and all. I myself will be buying a webspace in the next week or so because in my opinion, their prices are incredibly low!

So in brief,
fast and stable servers,
low cost,
lots of space and bandwith.

I’d suggest checking it out there:

If you have any questions, you can still ask me and I’ll ask them, but most of everything is well explained on their website I guess.

They even told me that if there was a good amount of people interested in buying a webspace from them, they could create a special webspace type for gallery/video purpose (this mean decent disk space, but high bandwith)

anyway, go check it out!



Sorry, but they were rude enough to exclude MY country from their little map. :x


Hey J-S, how goes the battle?

I haven’t read the whole thing but they should clean that little typo: it’s meet not meat. Hahaha.

I’m guessing they are redistributing services they are renting in bulk from a datacentre somewhere in the US. I may give them a call. We are looking for hosting on half a dozen of our websites right now.

Look at it again, they excluded nearly half of their own country!

Thats not cheap…

I get 10GB space + 200GB bandwidth for $160 USD a year.

They sell 2GB space and 64 “GO” of bandwidth for $12 a month, which is about $120 USD… thats almost one 5th of what im getting for pretty much the same price!. and that plan i got is a reseller plan too, which mean they charge you more =(

I can get 5GB of space, 100GB of bandwidth for $60 dollars a year too!.. Revolusoft closest matching one is the 2GB plan they have, and thats over twice the price for less!.

And ive only experience downtime once for a few mins in 6 months… and since thier selling hosting with space as low as 200mb their going to be packing too many people to one server for it to be stable.