Ok, this should be simple and obvious but I can’t figure it out. I just want to create a profile curve and revolve it around the pivot point. It’s one of the most basic modeling function in any 3D software. I can’t find a way to draw a curve point by point then revolve it.

I saw that you can create bezier and nurbs curves but it’s a strange workflow. Is there a simple polyline creation tool?

Hi @Funnybob
Explaining it would take longer than just leaving this :slight_smile:

I guess the Screw Modifier will do the job. Hope it helps.

IMO that’s a really poor name, and I’m not even referring to the sexual connotations.

“Lathe” or “Revolve” would be 100X better labeling.

No its fine, everyone with english as 2nd language knews screw, but lathe and revolve are much less known by not native speakers.

Screw also implies an offset, so that you can make a spiral.

Revolve or lathe are strictly radial operations without offset.

Ok, so screw is what I was looking for (I agree that spin would be a better game). But the way to draw curves or polylines is just horrible. The best way I saw so far is in Nuke when were you can just click to make a straight line, click and drag to get handles and if you click on a point or a handle, you can modify it without having to change mode at all. I saw the guys other tutorial about the beer bottle. It’s insane, from a Maya user point of view. I would get that down in a few clicks. It’s kind of dumb that you have to click extrude every time you make a point. It should just be click click click lick click and escape when you are done. I’ll send the Blender Foundation a few suggestions on curves. Thanks for the help!

Try CTRL+click to create new segment, same for meshes.

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