My first project, learned a lot along the way. Modeled in Blender, textured in SP, rendered in Cycles.
Curtains model was taken from the internet.

Oh that’s nice ! For a first project it looks really good ; it could be a screenshot of video game cut-scene. How long did you precticed Substance Painter to achieve this result ? How did you proceed to make the curtains ?

Thank you! When i finished modeling revolver i made some quick test textures for revolver that took me couple of hours, they were looking nooby but they gave me an understanding of what i’m going for and that really helped, That was the only practice. I learned most of the stuff while making final result and it maybe took me about a week. I mentioned in the post that curtain model was taken from the internet. They’re pretty easy to make but i really wanted to finish this project as soon as possible.