Hello everybody. It’s been a very long time since I even touched Blender due to life circumstances. Anyway, here is a new model for a project I am working on. Currently still in the WIP phase, but hopefully I’ll get the model and textures done within the next few days. Until then please leave any comments and criticisms you have to offer as it is all appreciated. Thank you !

The cylinder and barrel seem to be misaligned.

Haven’t had much time to work on this however, I did basically recreate the entire pistol as I wanted to stay a little closer to the look of the actual pistol. (Still need to align that Cylinder lol) but it’s getting there. Thanks in advance for any comments and crits.

Uploading: Update_02_12_side.png…

Here’s an update. All materials have been procedurally created in blender. Definitely needs some better lighting, but it’s all getting there. I think I am going to go for an interior “Wild West” kind of saloon vibe. I’m also going to import it into unreal engine later. For now, all rendered in Cycles.

Any comments or critiques are welcome and encouraged ! If anyone has any tutorials they think are useful feel free to drop a link ! TIA


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So I decided to go a more “scratched up” chrome look. Might mess around later with another kind of texture but for now I think I can consider this finished. If you have any comments or suggestions again, please feel free to post them ! Thanks all, still going to try and bake the materials and import into Unreal Engine though, so stay tuned I guess lol.

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