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Broken Image


i swear, im going to stop commenting on peoples work that is on a crappy free webspace :x

or look in one of alltakens posts!

nice looking revolver, but its too low poly, i can see the segments

Could use a bit more smoothing in some areas…

<standard_answer>It could use some bevelling.</standard_answer>

It needs to be smoother, as mentioned, and maybe less reflective; looks more like glass than chrome…

That looks pretty good. Just a few things, though:

  • I agree on the smoothing part. Did you maybe want it to be low-poly for a game or something?
  • The barrel-hole looks way too small to me.
  • The actual bullet and shell should be different colours.

A nice wood texture on the table would be nice too :wink:

Yes, I planned to export this to OpenGL so its pretty simple. Only thing I bothered to subsurf is the handle, which doesnt show so well.

I noticed that the barred is kinda small too, but well, cant be bothered to change it.

Tried texturing the bullets, it didnt work so well. So I just left it there.

And, yes, it looks a bit of glass.

looks nice. How about a bit more detail in the loop in front of the trigger?

i like it! in my case, i dont think it needs to be smoothed anymore than it is. and it could use a bit of beveling. the only thing is the chrome…it needs to look more…ya know…chromey

yes look in one of my posts.

i am deeply offended by your use of this host LOL my feelings are terribly hurt.

look down

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Emm. Sorry. Didnt know such thing existed. :expressionless: