Hello there,

Yesterday I started work on a Western Revolver.

I have one MAJOR problem thats giving me an utter head-ache…

How do I model the cylinder? I cant get those indentations on the cylinder looking right:spin::frowning:

Anyway besides that hope you like it :o:D

This is how I did it in about 5 minutes, I’m sure with more time you can make it look good:

If you want I can upload the .blend.

I just took a tube, cut it into a sixth, put a depression in the middle of the section by scaling to the center from top view (on the flat side), then spin it, remove doubles, and subsurf it. With better modeling you can get the chambers in there too and more defined indentations.

mybad, double post.

Thankyou for the reply.

That looks brilliant, if you could upload it then thats a bonus since its really been annoying me.

If not then ill use your image as a ref.

thanks :slight_smile:

I had nothing better to do so I made this tutorial for you. Mind you I don’t usually make tutorials this crappy, I was just tired as heck.

Large image so I just put the link here

EDIT: Alright seems like it gets resized.

EDIT2: Woo, it works. Sorry for the huge filesize

No problem I’m glad you appreciate it :).

I basically did it how NinthJake did it, except I modeled a cylinder with 6 chambers, and I just spun it instead of using the array modifier. Tomorrow I’ll try to model it with the chambers and the center axle.


Revolver_Center.blend (478 KB)

Firstly OMG! you guys are so bloody kind, the fact that you have taken the time to a) make a tutorial and b) paste images n stuff is extremely thoughtful. Thankyou for your help, really has helped me THANKYOU! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thankyou thankyou.

No problem dude. It was 5 am in the morning and as I said, I had nothing better to do lol.

Only trouble when I made it was that I made it up on the fly so I had no idea if it would actually work in the end xD Luckily it did tho :slight_smile:

Well it looks brilliant…

One more thing, I hope you dont mind me asking but how did you make the hole in the center of the cylinder? Also any idea how i would go about making 4 chambers? Sorry for so many questions, hope its of no trouble asking :confused:

Progress… :slight_smile:

PRE-Beta Is completed now :smiley:

Here Is the lInk

Also Id love to see how you get on wIth makIng the chambers because that stIll baffles me. :frowning:


For the chambers you can just add a circle with a low number of sides (say 8 or something) and then you just arrange the form of hole by snapping the vertices to place using the circle as a guide.

Nice job on the gun btw. I’d suggest you make a texture for the metal parts though, they are not that reflective in real life :slight_smile: