[Revshare] [Need Artist] iOS/Android/Blackberry/WP8

Hi all,

We are looking for a 3D/2D artist who has some spare time to work with us on a mobile game. The programming side of the game is very close to completion and we are looking at a very polished product. The plan is to release the game to the various app stores in the beginning of march 2013. We are releasing on four different markets and plan to have localization support too.

This is a very easy opportunity for you to get your name out there and earn some money. There will be a legal contract which states that any revenues (from any market) for the game that you work on with us will be split according to our agreement.

It is a sci-fi game, You will be in charge of the artistic direction, texture creation and other 2D element creation as well as level design. We are looking at 30 smallish levels with assets being shared between them and ~20 low poly models with 5 animations each (32 bone count per model).

The game uses a 3D engine which was coded from scratch. The game is a mixture of Starcraft 2 style combat with 30 fun missions with various difficulties. The level design makes it possible to have many fun mechanics like jumping on top of any buildings, dodging bullets and going around corners.

If you are a student please apply also!, we do not expect the best possible artwork as this is an indie game.

Please email or PM me to get more info,
[email protected]