Rey | Starwars


I found the time to do a bust on the work of Samuel Youn and I had a lot of fun.

My work process here was to find what made Samuel Youn’s drawing appeal to me so much and try to portray it in my own way and style. I made a sketch of the side and front view then based on my drawings, Samuel’s artwork, and Rey’s portrait, I built the low poly topology of Rey and then applied a Multires modifier and sculpted in more of the details. From there I baked the details into the low poly mesh to have a basis on the textures.

I hope you liked it! Cheers!

By the way, I found a job! I now work in the best post production house in the Philippines. :smiley:

Great job and nice style !

love the style looks like a painted image at a first sight! Great job! :slight_smile:

Def one of my most favorite renders of characters out there! Do you have an Artstation or something?

Thanks Yadoob!!

The saturation helped a lot in making it look like a painted image in my opinion. The oranges really popped out and it really appealed to me. :smiley:

Thanks! It is an honor for it to be counted amongst your favorite renders of characters!
Here is my Artstation account: it has only one project listed as of the moment.

The final product is incredible, the colors and textures are awesome. It reminds me a lot of claymation/Coraline, which I think is super cool.

I typically don’t comment on work but immediately after seeing yours I had to make a comment. Not only do I work in the field of DCC I teach it also at times. Any piece of work can be critiqued but there is no need to critique this piece. You did an excellent job because the image says something…every picture should tell a story. Combined with the style you used I can feel the story immediately after casting my eyes on the image.

I’m a big fan of Salvador Dali so in subtle ways it is reminiscent of his work. I don’t suspect that was intentional but I enjoy it thoroughly. The color palette, the angles, the expression and the crazy hairs remind me not only of Dali’s work but Dali himself. Image search him, the man had a crazy hair mustache.

Well done and congrats on the job. Good luck to all of us in our adventures!

You really portrayed the character excellently! I’ve seen works where the image looks amazing, but doesn’t capture the look of the character trying to be portrayed.

You’ve both made an amazing picture and amazing portrayal of a character, right when I logged on blenderartists I saw this on the main page and I thought to myself, “Ooh! That’s Rey isn’t?”

Exemplary work avemagnadude1! :yes:

I like this style very much!!! Great work!

Nice. From Kim Jong Un texture into a nice girl.

Awesome job, very cool style.

in the best sense this has an artistically crafted look and you have nailed the look beautifully. Just proves again that photorealsim can get a kick in the ass when an image is well crafted.

Nice work, Ave! I always like seeing you pop up here. Is it possible that we could see that wireframe a little bigger?

Very good work. Congratulations.

Daisy Ridley as Rey(Dameron)maybe?Looking so beatiful.

Thank you Elfcirynn! I honestly loved that claymation and I take your words as a great compliment!

Love it! Congrats

Amazing! -Black Coast