Rey | Starwars

man this is cool, i didn’t need to ask about who is she ,the moment i sow her up there i know who is she and that,s is a great work of you , you just made it :slight_smile:

Then I am honored to have your comment. Honored as well to have my work compared to Salvador Dali! Thanks for another artist to reference in for searching for styles. I’ve learned a lot from working on this piece, but it is continued from helpful advise. I will keep it in mind to have a story to tell for every image I will make. Thank you!

I made a big effort on studying what makes Rey, Rey. I collected a lot of reference pics enough to alarm the FBI of some Daisy Ridley stalker. XD Then I sketched a few studies of her and when I was confident, went on to modelling and sculpting always looking back at my references.


I agree! Plus photorealism is hard to achieve when one is limited by the hardware. hehehe. :smiley:
We compensate or even do better with creativity!

Thanks GraphiX! :smiley:
Here’s that wireframe you asked for:

Gorgeous work!! I totally adore the style. Keep it up!! :smiley:

wow great work!

wow looks painted! are you open to give us more details in the process since you are showing lots already!
Its missing some crucial bits! ^^

Amazing!! Always great to see a wire frame, thanks!!

Very well done! Congrats!

Great result. Textures look perfect. Thanks for sharing.

wow! i registered just to say nice work. id love to throw this in a game engine and play with it…

The skin material looks amazing! any chance of getting the node setup?