RFC: Pass-The-Blend - Rules revised July 8


The basic Idea is that a .blend file is passed along from one person to another, each person adding a little more to the .blend file. At the end the particpants put together a final animation using the finished scene. A contest is held to determine the best scene.

The purpose of the pass-the-blend contest is to collaboratively work on a project with your peers and to act as an excercise in modeling, cooperation, and animation.

proposed contest, please give comments and ideas as to how this could be more fun!

1: For 3 days, Elysiun members submit Ideas for a short, one shot scene. (30secs - 2mins)

Concurrently, all those who are wishing to participate sign up in a seperate post.  <b>People with lower connection rates or slower computers will declare themselves as such, and will moved to the front of the line to ease download time/processing issues.</b>

2: The Following 3 days, Elysiun members vote on their favorite idea for the one shot scene.

3: All participating members are sorted at random, with those with low connection rates or slower computers bumped to the front.. The first on the list is given 72 Hours to model elements of the scene. Afterwhich the second on the list is given the .blend file for 72 hours, etc.

A system for Checking In and Checking Out the current blend file will be devised.

Should, after their alotted time is up, the paticipant has not uploaded a new vesion of the .blend file, the previous blend file will be passed on to the next user.

No objects may be destroyed, and participants should respect the work of others.  Feel free to add to others models, but avoid dramaticly changing he origional Authors works.  Participants are advised find one part of the scene and focus on it.

Textures at this phase are not passed along to the next participant.

All modeling must be done in blender.  3rd pary programs for creating materials to aid in modeling are allowed, but ther actual manipulation of vertexi must be done within blender.

4: After the last participant’s alotted time is up, the animating phase of the contest begins. Each participant is given 7 days to texture, animate and render a one shot scene of .blend file.

The final .blend file must be used in the animation.  Only minor modeling tweaks to the objects is permitted.  However, environmental objects such as sky boxes and the like may be added.

 A system will be in place for Participants to share textures.  Sharing your textures is not manditory.

 The rendering must take place in Blender.  No 3rd party renderers allowed.

 Any 3rd party proram can be used to create textures for the scene.

 The animation must be one shot, meaning there is only one camera used without breaking to a different scenes, no switching of views or angles unless animated in the same contious shot.

 A system will be in place for the participants to display their final animations.

5: After the alotted time is up, 72 hours is alotted for members of Elysun to vote on the best rendered animation of the scene. The winner will be the participant with the most votes after the alotted time.

Please comment and make suggestions!

If you wish to work together with others on a common blender file/project, you might try joining some open and free computer game project, that uses blender for the generation of all the graphics. I know that there are several projects of this kind and I’m sure your help would be welcome.

A lot of people have stated that they like the idea of a “pass-the-blend” here at Elysiun. Both in these message boards and in the IRC channel.

Some of the problems of projects like this in the past I have tried to address in the ruleset.


Now that you have rules, whats the topic?

It needs to be something that would allow for a lot of detail and team collaboration (obviously) and would have to be something that everyone would like to have as the topic and spend a lot of time on.

Also, how exactly is this signing in and signing out thing supposed to work?


Perhaps a poll is in order to see if there is enough interest to warrent further exploration of the Idea.

If there is enough interest, we could open a poll for the topic according to the rules.

I plan on making a sign-in/sign-out simple CGI application on one of the web servers I deal with, if there is enough interest generated.