This tool may cause II Totalitarism called III World War.Many religious people believes it’s “The Mark of The Beast” from Holy Bible.I think it’s disgusting and this could be secret weapon of government.Anyways let’s hope it’s dark sense of humour and it’s just conspiracy theory.I bet RFID will have awesome advantages.I don’t it’s reason to be completely paranoid.It’s not prophecy of George Orwell and Aldous.It’s not David Icke conspiracy theory.

The problem here is that for the most part every technology or method created for the purpose of preventing illicit behavior itself bears the potential to be used illicitly.

A good example of this is the concept of government in general. As an entity that brings people together so that in their numbers they can protect one another from one another it can bring much stability and safety. Which is to say together they can protect the individual from the individual because the individual does not have the strength to overcome the whole. However that governing body is also a collection of individuals any number of whom may desire to wield that power illicitly.

The government is there to protect the weak from the strong, but who is there to protect the weak when the strong become the government or when the government becomes the strong?

RFID, much like the NSA, may have been developed with good intentions, but those intentions assume that those tools will always remain in the hands of well intentioned people which is often not the case.

“We often give our enemies the means to destroy us.” -Aeop

P.S. Say the NSA’s domestic surveillance program was developed and is used for the purpose of protecting US citizens from ill intentioned groups or individuals. Regardless of how it is currently used I do not think one could argue against the fact that the potential for misuse is very real. Who is to say that 30, 40, 100 years from now those tools don’t fall into the ‘wrong’ hands?

What’s even more interesting is that different people have very different ideas of what constitutes the ‘wrong’ hands. Whoever those hands belong to probably thinks they are the right hands.

RFID might turn human to think like heartless machine.Sometimes I think government is getting starving for fortune and fame.I bet RFID won’t start III World War and New World Order(death for privacy and life to globalisation).I think we have choice being citizens of Earth,citizens of God or having Russian Carl Darwin complex of personalities.Or becoming society of Obama Care health agency.

“There is no such thing as perfection. The world is not perfect. And why it is beautiful.”-Hiromu Arakawa.
Imagine there’s artificial food like Louis De Funes or Sexmission comedy it’s quite spooky and quite funny.It seems John Lennon also have vision of this “better new world”.Quo Vadis Ameno Mori Cogito Domine.