RFQ: Product Modeling for Manufacturer Opportunity

UPDATE: We have found very qualified applicants. This post can be closed: June 14, 2019.

SCOPE OF WORK: ~ 700 product models

DEADLINE: 3 months or less with weekly deliverables (58 models per week)

RATE: TBD; proposal, bid (not discussed on this board, please include your rates in your PM)

REQUIREMENTS: You produce high polish, photo-realistic product models within pure white-space (no environment) using CYCLES render engine, IES addon, nodes for materials/textures and image maps for future exports. Lighting of model is basic with secondary lighting source using provided IES files. All product structural models will be provided to you as .STL files in default material. There are numerous photography examples of the products for reference.

Final product aside from .blend files, you will produce raster .jpg with specified text at predetermined size (1980x1080 or 1366x768px) with product nomenclature.

DELIVERABLES: .blend, .jpg, .xcf (GIMP) and .psd (.psd not hard but desirable additional).

NOTE: This job is time sensative and you will be working closely with our digital team and in-house developer to meet weekly deadlines. This is a job for a blender expert with additional skills in graphic design (Typography, layout, templates, etc) who has the skillset, resources and dedication to meet requirements.

CONSIDERATION PROCESS: Please provide us with a link to your reel, portfolio, website, examples, etc. so we can review your work.

FINAL SELECTION OF APPLICANT(S): We will send the final 3 applicants metal swatches of our product colors/finishes for your application model/example to secure the job.

ABOUT US: We are a 35 year old US-based manufacturer in the manufacturing/construction industry.

Please PM any question you may have and we will answer them and add them to this RFQ

Please include your personal email account in your PM

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Hi mi name is sma I interested in the job see some examples of my work here

And my CV

cv_2019.pdf (313.6 KB)

Thanks for you interest, but we have a short list of potential candidates at this time.