RGB colour Values as 1-255

I don’t know if this is the right place but I have a request. I am unable to find a way to show RGB values in the colour picker as values from 1 - 255. Most of the other apps I use, show these values and not the values based on a scale of 0 - 1.
So I have to get my calculator out each time I have to match values. Maybe it is possible to choose what scale the RGB values are shown in the prefs panel.

Anyway, all to say that Blender is a fantastic app and human experience. Congratulations to all of you that are make it work.

I don’t know of a way to get 0-255 selection in the color picker, but you can get close. Dividing 1.000 by 256 may not be exactly exact due to rounding (no difference to the human eye when you’re talking .001 difference but it’s there for the OCD).

On the color picker there’s 3 buttons between the color wheel and the slider. If you click the “Hex” button you can enter the color in the HTML style #FF33AA style format. This can get you the exact same color as the 0-255 entry method.

It’s pretty easy to convert 0-255 style colors to hex. Let me know what operating system you use if you need help with that.

It’s far from exact, it’s wrong :smiley:
If anything, you multiply 255 by the value between 0…1

Thanks for the swift reply. I can already calculate the values but I thought that it might be a simple equation that could be relatively easy to intergrate. But I am no programmer so I have no idea.

and why do you not enter


in input fields?

It’s already there, as mentioned, the hex input uses it. Keep in mind the RGB and HSV color pickers in Blender are linear, and most apps that use 0-255 are in your monitor color space. The hex code input in Blender automatically corrects for this, so if someone gives you a 0-255 value (or your find one with an eyedropper tool or something) punch it in to the hex input. Don’t try to divide 1 by your 0-255 color, you’ll get something different that you thought.

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The value between 0 and 1 is what you’re looking for in this situation. You can’t just multiply 255 by the unknown that you’re looking for.

Just tested what J_the_Ninja said and he’s right.

If you have a R,G,B color like 173, 0, 173 and you just do 173/255 and put that in the RGB sliders then it is actually a different shade of pink than putting in the hex version of #AD00AD

I never noticed that before (Usually just select my colors directly from within blender or enter the hex code for it). Thanks Mr. Ninja.

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Aw, certainly. My mistake, thought he needs it the other way round :smiley:

Concerning linear RGB, most of the time I use RGB values I have to ref to are pantone or a color chart. Lots of print utilities interpret the RGB values linearly. Also, photoshop uses 0 - 256 by default and I presume it is linear. I would go far as to say that this is the difference between RGB and sRGB. On the other hand, Nuke uses 0-1.

I’m 98% sure the Photoshop color picker is non-linear, at least in RGB mode.

You are probably right about the colour picker because it corresponds to the monitor color space. The colour picker is a screen utility and so works in a sRGB color space.