RGB colour values ??

Hi again…

After my previous simple question. here’s another one… I Jus cannot get used to blenders non standard things…

I am trying to enter an RGB colour value… but the blender fields only go from 0.01 to 1.00 … Are these percentages of the normal RGB 0 to 255 values ???


The color fields goe from 0.000 to 1.000 with a precision of 3 decimals. Kinda like a percentage of the RGB values, yes (more precision though).


yes I am calculating colour values now… it’s a drag to tell the truth… but maybe it just needs some getting used to…


I always keep a calculator and a dry erase pen handy when using Blender. I write values right on the monitor screen!

I converted a list of colors from RGB values to blender values you can find the list here


There is also a blend file by QWERT , he loaded alot of those values as materials into a blend file that you can append materials from.

you can also use the hex value in blender
… or at least you could in blender publisher

press the N key, probably with cursor over color sliders

The ‘n’ method works in some earlier versions, but not in 2.32, at least not my Linux version. Couldn’t find any reference to ‘hex values’ in the new manual either.
The ‘Instinctive Blender’ build does still have this feature.

the N menu for the material buttons still needs to be converted to the new panel system.


In materials window just hit ‘n’ wiht mouse over color slider.

You might find it easer to use the HSV system for colors click the HSV button to switch from RGB. Set the S and V slider mid range and move the H slider till you see the Hue off color that is close to what you need. Change the S slider to set the saturation or amount of color to use from gray the the most saturated Hue color and then set V to contol the brightness. This is much easer system to work with when you do not have access to a visual color picker.